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10 reasons why your website isn’t getting more leads

November 12, 2021    Reading Time: 4 Minutes

Your website is a representation of your business. It should be designed to drive leads and help you grow your online presence. If you’re not getting the results you want from your site, it might be time for a revamp! Here are 10 reasons why you aren’t generating more leads from your website:

1. You have an out-dated design/layout that makes it difficult for customers to navigate or find information quickly.

Your design (layout, colors, images) should be eye-catching and easy to navigate. If your website was built a few years ago, it may look outdated or the navigation/design might not work properly on mobile devices.

This can deter web visitors from staying on your site and also make it more difficult to find information they’re searching for. A web design company can help you improve the look and feel of your site and make it easier for web visitors to find what they want.

Useful tips: – Design your webpages to be mobile-friendly. – Include features that will help web visitors get the information they’re looking for quickly, such as prominent calls-to-action and menus. – Optimize each web page so it loads quickly on different web browsers and devices .

2. Your website is full of broken links/images, which results in 404 errors or pages that take too long to load.

A web design with many broken links will frustrate your users and result in them leaving your site without completing their intended action (e.g., filling out a form for more information). If it takes 10 seconds or more for web pages to load, users will lose patience and navigate away. A web design company can help you identify problem links/images and fix them to improve web page loading times.

Useful tips: – Have web pages load in under 3 seconds . – Use web design best practices to increase web page loading times.

3. The mobile version of your website isn’t optimized.

Since many people are using their mobile devices to browse the web, you should make sure that your web design is mobile-friendly! Many web design platforms have features that allow you to test different versions of webpages to make sure that visitors have a smooth experience.

Useful tips: – Prioritize web page content for mobile web users . – Get rid of web design features that slow down web pages on mobile web browsers.

4. Your web design doesn’t have a consistent look and feel throughout all web pages or you’re using stock images that don’t relate to your company/products.

Your web design should be cohesive, which means that web visitors should know they’re still on your site as they navigate from web page to web page. If your web design is inconsistent, web visitors might become confused. Web design companies can help you implement a web design that has a consistent look and feel.

Useful tips: – Implement web design features that make it easy to navigate through your website, like menus and search boxes. – Make web pages look unique by including custom images

5. Your web design doesn’t match your business goals.

Is your web design designed to drive qualified leads or increase sales? Remember, you should never try to compare apples and oranges when it comes to web design. For example, if you’re in the web design industry, you might need web design that drives more web traffic than web sales. However, if you’re an e-commerce site, web sales should be your top priority!

Useful tips: – Determine web design features that will help you meet your web marketing goals, such as web page content and calls-to-action. – Use web design web analytics tools to measure web design success and make web design changes as necessary.

6. You don’t have enough content on your website.

Customers want to know who they are doing business with and what differentiates your company from its competitors. If customers can’t find answers to their questions on your web design, they will leave and go to a competitor that offers the information that they need.

Useful tips: – Create web design content that is thoughtful and engaging . – Follow web design web copywriting best practices.

7. You don’t have a call-to-action on your web design.

A web design with no call-to-action is like an advertisement without contact information for customers to reach out to you. Do you want web traffic or not? Make sure that your web design has CTA buttons to help web visitors find out more about your company.

Useful tips: – Use web design web usability best practices to come up with the most effective web page calls-to-action. – Design web pages that help web visitors take action, like web sales pages and web contact forms.

8. Your web design has an unclear message about the value of your business.

If web visitors don’t know what you offer or how your products/services help them, they won’t trust you enough to buy from you. You should tell web visitors exactly what it is that your company offers and why they should care!

Useful tips: – Design web pages that clearly convey the web design’s message.

9. You aren’t getting enough web traffic/leads to your website

If web traffic is low, it’s one of the first signs that something might be wrong with your web design. How can web visitors contact you if web traffic is low? What web design changes do you need to make to get web traffic and leads?

Useful tips: – You should be collecting web traffic statistics from all of your web designs (e.g., how many times it was linked to on social media). Use this information as a web design revision guide and make web design changes accordingly! – Make sure that your web design is mobile-friendly. Many web design platforms offer features for testing web designs on different devices. –

10. Your web design doesn’t offer web visitor value or solve web visitor problems.

If you aren’t offering web visitors any value with your web design, why should they stay on the site? A web design company can help you identify and fix web design issues that turn web visitors away from your website.

Useful tips: – If web traffic to your web design is low, try revising your web design to make web visitors want to take the actions that you’d like them to take.

That’s a Wrap

You should now have enough information to write an informative article that covers the main points of web design and how it affects web traffic. Use this knowledge as a web design revision guide and make web design changes accordingly!

There are many more reasons why your website isn’t generating the leads you want. If you need help improving your website, call us (360) 450-3711.

Written by Shawn Hooghkirk on November 12, 2021

Shawn is the President of Graticle, Inc.

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Needed someone with WordPress skills to update a custom website with a ton of plug ins after originator left us high and dry. Found Graticle (Shawn) via WordPress search on Google. Shawn had it updated and running great in a short time. No problems, easy to work with and reasonable priced.

Sharon Evans

Escrow Association of Washington

Ellensburg, Washington

I highly recommend Shawn and Graticle Design!!! I reached out to Shawn after I read a review of Graticle that basically stated what I will reiterate here – Shawn actually delivers! If you have grown weary of trying to find a knowledgeable web designer who listens to your needs, and follows through on promises to build according to your vision, look no further! I searched the internet to find web design help, and only seemed to find disappointment. The first designer I contacted charged me $100 for an hour-long chat, and then fell completely out of communication. The second designer I spoke with was always too busy to get started on my project. Then, I went through a string of references from well-meaning friends, you know, the “I have a coworker whose nephew knows how to build websites” sorts.

Shawn listens patiently to understand what you want, and he is conscientious about keeping in communication. His rates are very reasonable, especially when one understands that Graticle operates in a highly dependable manner (hint: do your research, and set a budget so that you know what you can afford).

I feel extremely fortunate to have found Graticle Design, and will gladly repeat its praises to anyone who will listen.

Shirley Schofield

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