10 Tips to Improve Your Landing Page Conversions

You have a landing page, but it’s not converting. You’re trying to get your visitors to take an action or sign up for something and they just aren’t doing it. It can be frustrating, especially if you’re spending money on advertising campaigns that are sending people to your landing pages without any success. The good news is that there are some simple things you can do today to improve the chances of landing page conversions! In this blog post, we will cover 10 tips that will help increase your landing page conversion rates so you’ll see more results from your efforts.

How can I improve my landing page conversion?

First, make sure your landing page is clear about what you want visitors to do.

Don’t assume that people know exactly what they need to do on your landing pages in order for them to be effective. Be specific and tell the visitor why they should take action! If it’s a free trial offer or something similar, then let them know that this is a limited time offer and if they sign up now, they won’t be charged. If it’s one of your paid plans or memberships, then let them know how much money they’ll save by signing up today.

1) Don’t assume landing pages work well on their own – you need to promote them!

You can have the best landing page design and copy, but without promotion or advertising, you won’t see results. You need to advertise your landing pages so that people can find them and then take action on those landing pages by signing up for something or buying a product.

2) You should also create compelling landing page titles as these will show up in search engine results.

You can use landing page titles to tell people what they are going to get if they click on your links or ads, so be sure you include keywords related to the solution that their problem will be solved with in order for them to find you easily through search engines. You may also want to consider testing different landing page title ideas and use analytics to determine which landing page titles are getting the best results.

3) Create landing pages for each campaign!

What does this mean? Well, instead of creating one landing page and having it live on your main domain (yourwebsite.com), you should create separate landing pages that will be targeted towards specific campaigns or groups of visitors who may be more likely to take action on your landing pages. That way, you can test landing page design and copy elements against each other in order to determine what is most effective for different types of visitors so that no one gets left out or frustrated by seeing the same landing page over and over again without getting any results.

4) Create compelling calls-to-action that stand out and encourage visitors to take action.

This means your landing page design needs to be clear about what you want the visitor to do. A call-to-action is a button or link with some text on it, so make sure this stands out from everything else on the landing page as people won’t look at anything else if your landing page is cluttered or busy. Make sure the call-to-action tells people exactly what they need to do in order for them to take action, whether it’s signing up for a membership plan, getting started with something free like a trial offer, making an online purchase or calling you directly.

5) Trying including testimonials or case studies on landing pages to inspire trust among visitors.

If you have testimonials from happy customers, include them! If you don’t yet, then reach out to some of the people who are most satisfied with your business and ask if they’d be willing to provide a testimonial that could be used as social proof for landing pages. Testimonials and case studies make landing pages more credible, so if your landing page is about a solution that people may be skeptical or unsure of trying out, then adding in some social proof like testimonials will help with building trust and encouraging visitors to take action on landing pages.

6) Be careful not to mislead or trick people into landing pages.

You want landing pages that are clear and trustworthy, so avoid using gimmicky sales tactics like false scarcity (ex: limited time offer) as this will annoy your visitors and may even cause them to unsubscribe from emails if they think you’ll send too many promotional emails with special landing page offers like “Today Only” or “For a Limited Time.”

7) Marketing landing pages to the right audience.

Your landing pages should be targeted towards your target market so that you can get in front of people who are interested in what you have to offer and ready to take action on landing pages. You don’t want to waste money on landing pages that only a handful of people will be interested in taking action on, so make sure your landing page audience is as targeted towards what you have to offer as possible.

8) You can also use landing page ads and paid advertising campaigns to get traffic from search engines like Google or Bing.

If you want more traffic than the amount you’re currently getting, landing page ads are a great way to go! You can create landing pages for your ad campaigns (just like you would with any other campaign) and then run paid advertising on Google or Bing. Landing page ads work especially well when the landing page is very targeted towards keywords that people search for in search engines, so make sure your landing page design is focused on the keywords that are most relevant to what you’re advertising for.

9) Build landing pages with analytics in mind.

It’s important to use tools like Google Analytics or another web analytics platform so that you can track visitor behavior and conversions, which will help you understand how people are interacting with landing pages over time without having to wait too long. You want landing pages that are easy for people to navigate, so make sure landing page designs aren’t confusing and include the information you need them to see without any unnecessary elements getting in the way of conversions.

10) Make it clear what visitors will get if they sign up or take action on landing pages.

Don’t make landing pages that are too complicated, because people won’t want to spend time figuring out what you’re trying to say or how it all works. Keep landing page designs simple and avoid using industry jargon like “best in class” when describing your products – nobody outside of the industry will understand what this means, so keep landing page language as clear and straightforward as possible.

Create a Successful Landing Page

In the end, landing pages are a critical part of your marketing strategy. Whether you’re running ads that send people to your site or not, if you don’t have a conversion-friendly page then you’ll be losing money and wasting time. We can help! Our team has been in this business for years and we know what it takes to create a successful landing page from scratch – let us show you how our process works by calling us (360) 450-3711.

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