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21 Tips to Help Your Church’s Website Draw More Visitors

November 18, 2022    Reading Time: 8 Minutes

Is your church’s website not getting the traffic you want? Are you struggling to find ways to improve it? You are not alone. Many church websites struggle to draw in visitors, for a variety of reasons. In this blog post, we will discuss 21 tips that can help your church website become more popular!

1. Invest in church web design

The right church website design can make a huge difference to how visitors view your church’s site. A professional church website designer can give you the tools and expertise needed to create an attractive, user-friendly church website that will draw more visitors in.

Web design tips:

  • Make sure your church website is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and has a modern look.
  • Have the church website designer create a homepage that highlights the church’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Utilize clean typography, high-quality images, bright colors, and simple navigation.
  • Keep the design consistent so visitors know they’re in the right place every time they land on your church’s site.

2. Keep content up to date

Make sure your church website includes fresh, relevant content that is regularly updated. This will help keep visitors engaged and interested in returning to the church website for more.

Content tips:

  • Write engaging content that is relevant to churchgoers, church activities and church news.
  • Share stories about church members and their experiences or highlight special events or projects. Incorporate media such as pictures and videos to make the content more interesting.

3. Make your site easy to navigate

Your church website should be easy to use and have a clear structure. This will help church visitors find the information they need quickly and easily.

Navigation tips:

  • Organize church webpages into categories that are easy to understand, such as “Church Services” or “Events.”
  • Provide a search bar so churchgoers can quickly locate specific content.
  • Include a prominent navigation bar that is easy to spot, with clear labels for each page.

4. Use visuals

Make sure to include photos, videos, and other graphics on your church website. This will help visitors visualize the church’s activities, helping them to feel more connected and likely to return for more information.

Visual tips:

  • Keep the graphics simple and easy to understand.
  • Include photos of church members or church events, as well as infographics that explain church activities in more detail.

3. Use search engine optimization (SEO)

If you want your church’s website to be visible on search engines like Google, then make sure you implement SEO best practices. This includes using relevant keywords, optimizing title tags and meta descriptions, and creating quality content with backlinks to promote your church website.

SEO Tips:

  • Research the correct keywords for your church’s mission and values
  • Include these keywords in page titles, headings, and meta descriptions
  • Create a sitemap to help search engines index your church website
  • Generate quality backlinks from other websites
  • Monitor traffic to your church website and review analytics

4. Make sure the church website is mobile friendly

With more and more people accessing websites on their phones, it’s important to ensure that your church website is optimized for use on all devices. A church web designer can help you create a church website that looks great no matter what device it’s viewed on.

Mobile tips:

  • Reduce the size of your church website pages to make them easier to load on mobile devices.
  • Include a click-to-call button so church visitors can easily contact the church office
  • Make sure that all text and images are optimized for smaller screens.

5. Feature your church’s events and activities prominently

Make sure your church website has a section featuring upcoming church events, services, and activities so visitors can quickly find out what’s going on at the church. This will help draw more people to your church website.

Event and activity tips:

  • Provide detailed information about church services and activities.
  • Include images of church events or church members in action.
  • Highlight special church projects to help churchgoers be more involved.

6. Include a church blog

A church blog is a great way to share stories, church news, and other church-related content with church visitors. It can also help to attract new church members who may be interested in joining the church.

Blog tips:

  • Create a church blog that’s easy to find on your church website.
  • Update the church blog regularly with fresh content related to the church and its members.
  • Include church member stories and church news in the church blog to provide an inside look into church life.

7. Offer online giving

Making it easy to give donations online is an important part of church website design. Offering churchgoers the ability to make donations quickly and securely will help your church collect more funds.

Online giving tips:

  • Integrate a secure donation system into your church website.
  • Include a “Donate Now” button on the church website.
  • Set up automatic recurring donations so churchgoers can easily set up regular contributions.

8. Create a church directory

Creating a church directory is an effective way to provide church members with important contact information and help church visitors connect with church staff and other church members.

Church directory tips:

  • Include church staff contact information and church member profiles.
  • Allow church members to update their profile information quickly and easily.
  • Make sure the church directory is secure and updated regularly.

9. Provide information on church history

Providing church visitors with an overview of church history is a great way to give churchgoers a better understanding of the church’s mission and values. This can also help church members feel more connected to the church.

Church history tips:

  • Include church milestones, events, and stories in the church website.
  • Include church photos and videos from church events.
  • Feature past church leaders, pastors, and members who have been influential in church history.

10. Make sure your church website is secure

Making sure your church website is secure is essential for protecting church data and keeping church members’ personal information safe. A church website designer can help you make sure your church website is secure.

Security tips:

  • Make sure the church website uses a secure connection (SSL) to protect church data.
  • Include an up-to-date security system to detect and prevent malicious attacks or intrusions.
  • Regularly monitor church website activity for suspicious behavior.
  • Install a web application firewall (WAF) to protect church visitors’ data.

11. Promote church membership

Providing church visitors with information on church membership can help to draw more people to your church. Make sure the church website provides clear and up-to-date information on church membership, including details on joining the church, church contact information, and church member benefits.

Membership tips:

  • Make sure church membership information is easy to find on your church website.
  • Include church membership forms, documents, and applications on the church website.
  • Highlight church member benefits, such as discounts or exclusive offers.

12. Make church information easily accessible

Church visitors should be able to quickly and easily find church services, church events, church locations, and other church information on the church website. Having easy-to-find contact information is also essential for connecting churchgoers with staff members or pastors.

Information tips:

  • Include an interactive church map on the church website.
  • Include church contact details and church office hours on the church website.
  • Provide church members with an easy way to sign up for church services or events.
  • Highlight church upcoming events and activities on the church website.

13. Show past church services and events

Showing church members and visitors past church services, church events, and church activities can help to draw more people to the church. As well as inspiring churchgoers or providing ideas for future church events, this can also serve as a great way to promote church membership.

Past event tips:

  • Include church photos and videos from church events.
  • Feature church services, church activities, church groups, or church ministries.
  • Include church member testimonials and stories on your church website to encourage visitors to join the church.

14. Make church content shareable

Giving church visitors the ability to share church content online is a great way to build church engagement. This can include sharing church services, church events, church photos or videos, church stories, and more. Making church content shareable also encourages church members to promote and spread the word about their church.

Shareability tips:

  • Include church social media links on church webpages.
  • Provide church visitors with the ability to comment or provide feedback on church content.
  • Include church posts and videos that can be easily shared on various social media platforms.
  • Encourage church members to share church content with their friends and family.

15. Monitor church website analytics

Monitoring church website analytics is essential for understanding how church visitors are interacting with church content and what church features they’re most interested in. This can help church web designers to make changes and improvements to the church website, as well as providing insight into church membership and church engagement.

Analytics tips:

  • Track church website visits and church visitor activity.
  • Measure church website performance and church engagement levels.
  • Analyze church webpages to identify areas for improvement or new features.
  • Use church analytics data to improve church marketing campaigns.

16. Include church resources

Providing church visitors with church resources such as church documents, church forms, church guidelines, church newsletters, and church brochures can help to draw more people to your church. Having this content easily accessible on the church website can also be a great way to promote church membership and increase engagement levels.

Resource tips:

  • Include church documents and church forms on church webpages.
  • Provide church members with church newsletters or church brochures.
  • Highlight church guidelines, church policies, and church procedures.
  • Encourage church members to share the church resources with their friends and family.

17. Paid ad campaigns

Using paid ad campaigns such as Google Adwords can be a great way to increase church visibility and draw more visitors to the church website. Paid ad campaigns can also help church web designers to identify church membership trends, church engagement activity, and church visitor behavior.

Paid ad campaign tips:

  • Create church ads based on church keywords and church phrases.
  • Optimize church ads for church webpages or church content.
  • Track church ad performance to identify church membership trends and church visitor behavior.
  • Adjust church campaigns based on church analytics data.

18. Google Business listing

Creating a Google Business listing for the church is a great way to increase church visibility and draw more visitors to the church website. A Google Business listing can help church web designers to optimize church content, track church analytics data, and improve church marketing campaigns.

Google Business listing tips:

  • Create a church business profile on Google.
  • Include church webpages and church content in the church business profile.
  • Track church analytics data to identify church membership trends and church visitor behavior.
  • Optimize church content for Google searches.

19. Church email campaigns

Using church email campaigns can be a great way to promote church membership and church engagement. This includes church newsletters, church updates, church stories, church photos or videos, church events, and more. Creating an effective church email campaign can help church web designers to draw more visitors to the church website.

Church email campaign tips:

  • Create church newsletters or church updates.
  • Include church stories, church photos or videos, church events, and more.
  • Send out church emails regularly.
  • Optimize church content for SEO and Google searches.

20. Regular church website maintenance

Regular church website maintenance is essential for church web designers to ensure church visitors are having a positive experience on the church website. This includes church content updates, church feature enhancements, church analytics tracking, church resource optimization, and more.

Church website maintenance tips:

  • Update church content regularly.
  • Enhance church features for better user experience.
  • Track church analytics data to identify church membership trends and church visitor behavior.
  • Optimize church resources for better search engine visibility.

21. Get church visitor feedback

Getting church visitor feedback is a great way for church web designers to identify church membership trends and church engagement activity. This can include church surveys, church polls, church questions, church comments, or church reviews. Gathering this data can help church web designers to improve the website for your church.

Church visitor feedback tips:

  • Create church surveys or church polls.
  • Ask church members questions, church comments, and church reviews.
  • Track church analytics data to identify church membership trends and church visitor behavior.
  • Use church feedback to improve the website for your church.

Final thoughts

So, if you want to increase traffic and grow your church online, be sure to implement as many of these tips as possible. And if you need help getting started or want someone else to take care of it all for you, feel free to reach out to us. We would love to partner with you and see your website thrive! Call or text (360) 450-3711

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