How to Tell If You Need a New Website or Just a Re-Design

Do you have a website that’s in need of a refresh? Maybe it was designed a few years ago and the web design trends have changed, or maybe it just doesn’t look very professional anymore. If so, you’re probably wondering if you should re-design your website or create an entirely new one. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of both options and help you decide which is best for your business.

How do I know if I need a new website?

There are a few key factors to consider when determining if you need a new website or just a web design re-haul. Take a look at your web traffic, web design, and website goals to get started.

Are you seeing declining web traffic? This could be an indication that your current website is no longer resonating with your audience. In this case, it might be time for a fresh start with an all new website design.

How is your web design looking? If it’s been awhile since you’ve given your site a makeover, it might be time for some updated visuals. A modern and visually appealing website can help increase engagement and conversions.

Finally, what are your Website Goals? Is there something specific you’re hoping to achieve with your website? Maybe you want to increase web traffic, or boost conversions. Whatever your goal may be, make sure your website is aligned with it.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time for a new website. But if you’re not quite ready for that big of a commitment, consider updating your web design instead. A fresh look can make a big difference and is often more affordable than starting from scratch.

No matter which route you choose, the team at Graticle can help you get there. We offer web design and development services that will help take your website to the next level. Contact us today to learn more! (360) 450-3711

When should you redesign a website?

If your web traffic is at an all time low, or you’re not getting any web traffic at all, there could be a problem with the website’s design. If visitors aren’t staying on your site for more than a few seconds and/or can’t find what they need in under three clicks, then it’s probably due to poor web design. If this is happening on your website regularly, then it may be time to get a new website altogether.

Here are some other signs that indicate you might need a brand-new web design:

• Your web presence and content management system (CMS) aren’t user friendly

• You’re unable to manage and update web pages easily without having to contact who built your website

• Your web pages are not responsive or mobile-friendly

If you answered yes to any of these, it might be time for a redesign. However, if you just updated your website design two years ago and it doesn’t look too bad, then a simple re-design may do the trick – this is where we come in! Give us a call today for a free consultation (360) 450-3711

What makes a website look old?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your website just needs a design update or if you need an entirely new website. Here are some tips on how to tell the difference:

– If your website is more than three years old, it might be time for a redesign. Technology changes so quickly that web designs from even just a few years ago can look dated and stale.

– Take a look at your website’s layout. Are all of the elements in the right places? Or have they been moved around so much that they don’t make sense anymore? A good web designer will always reevaluate the layout and make sure it works well on any device.

– Check out your website’s fonts. Are you using web safe fonts? And are they readable across all devices? Your web designer should make sure your web fonts work well on all browsers.

– Look at the colors used on your website. Do they match your brand colors or have they become so faded that it’s hard to tell what color scheme is being used? The right web design company knows how to update and refresh a worn out color palette while still keeping true to the original brand identity.

– Take a good look at your website’s images, logos, videos and other elements included in its design. How do these graphics make you feel about your business? A good web designer will create visuals that help attract customers and compel them to take action instead of looking dated and tired.

If your website is in need of a major overhaul, it might be time to start from scratch with a new web design. But if your website just needs a few small tweaks, a good web designer can help you update your current design so that it looks fresh and modern again. Contact us today for more information about our web design services! (360) 450-3711

What is the average life of a website?

The average life of a website is two to three years. However, this lifespan can be shortened or lengthened depending on the web design and updates made to the site. If your website is more than three years old, it may be time for a new design.

What is a website redesign?

A web design redesign is a process in which web designers plan, strategize and implement changes to your current website’s content, branding, structure, or any combination of the three. The goal of web design redesigning is to improve your online presence by creating a user experience that increases traffic and keeps users on your site for longer periods of time.

Re-Designing your Website

If your website is in need of a refresh, re-designing it may be the best option. This involves updating the design of your website to make it look more modern and professional. Typically, a re-design will involve changing the layout, fonts, colors, and images on your website.

Pros of Re-Designing your Website:

– It’s can be lower-cost than creating a new one. You could spend less on a web re-design, compared to the cost of building an entirely new website .

– It’s faster than building a new website. Since you’re using the same web platform, web developer will be able to redesign your website quicker than they would if they were to build an entirely new one from scratch.

Cons of Re-Designing Website:

– Your web design may not be as up to date as you want it to be, or it may still look outdated even after the re-design. You might decide that it would be better just start from scratch with a brand new web design instead of trying to freshen up an old one.

– Your web platform may be outdated, so it could take more time to make changes and updates to your website later on. If you’re using an older web CMS like Joomla or Drupal (version numbers less than four), then this would definitely apply to you.

New Website Design / Development

If you decide that creating a new website is the best option for your business, there are several things to consider. The most important thing is choosing the right web development company – one that understands your business and has experience creating websites that meet your specific needs.

Creating a new website can be expensive, but it’s often worth the investment. It will give your business a fresh start and allow you to create a website that meets your exact needs. However, there are some risks involved in creating a new website, such as the possibility that it may not be successful or that it may take longer than expected to launch.

Pros of New Website:

– You can have more creative freedom with your web design if it’s brand new. If your web design is starting from scratch, you can use any web platform and web development language that you want.

– Your website will be completely new, so it will look more up to date and professional.

Cons of New Website:

– On average it’s going to be more expensive and time-consuming than a re-design.

– It may take longer than expected to launch your new website. There are many factors that can affect the launch date of your web project as there are many logistics and variables that go into a new website project.

What’s Next?

So, should you re-design your website or create a new one? The answer depends on your business and what you want to achieve with your website. If you’re looking for a fresh start and want to update your design to reflect the latest trends, then a complete website re-design is probably the best option. However, if you’re happy with your current design but need some minor updates to make it look more professional, then a redesign may not be necessary – a web design refresh will do the trick. No matter which route you choose, our team of experts at Graticle can help you get the most out of your website. Contact us today for a free consultation and we’ll help you decide which option is best for your business (360) 450-3711.

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