Web Design Case Study: Home Water Plant (Video)

March 28, 2019    Reading Time: 6 Minutes

In the video, I discuss the various decisions we made that turned into the Home Water Plant website you see today.

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Hi, this is Shawn with Graticle. In this video, I’m going to do something just a little bit different. Instead of analyzing another website. I’m going to show a case study of a project that we worked on, that just recently launched about a month or two ago and hopefully, you can walk away with some valuable information. That can help apply to your website or just your business in general. So, this is for Home Water Plant. This is a business underneath another business with a lot of partners and very technical partners that understand a lot. Lots of degrees especially in chemistry and understanding water in general. So, when it comes to things like that it can be kind of difficult for those people that know something so well it can be kind of hard to communicate to just a perspective person, that’s just kind of like I want to have better water. They might tend to throw all those technical things out there and give them all the information they could ever need but we really have to take a step back and say “hey how can we communicate this in an easy to understand way for people” and then provide enough information for them so they can figure out more as they go along to create that path. So, that’s what we did with this website, we created a story. You know the first thing they see is, what is this, what kind of value can this product add to my life. So, clean drinkable water for the whole family. Can transform tap water into crystal clear safe drinkable water that leaves your dishes sparkling clean. So, at this point you know hey they could probably solve my problem if I have a problem with water. If you don’t have a problem with water your probably on the wrong website. So that spells out everything right out of the gate and as we go down the page, we tell a story. These are the countless benefits of the home water plant. Plumbing you know you don’t have to buy bottled water anymore it’s huge. It’s going to extend the life of your appliances because you don’t have bad water running through it and destroy it. Its green technology, unlike a water softener which puts salt back into the environment. It removes contaminants there are lots of benefits, but we just said hey what are the main benefits and how’s an easy way, instead of getting into the super details about how to say for instance,  water softeners do this and that and this, it’s just hey you know if you have a water softener this is unlike that technology this is a green technology we’re not putting salt back into the aquifers. Instead of talking about limescale, but we don’t get too technical here we keep it very high level. Then you go down here again with that story. You know here’s your current state of your water its pretty bad. There’s these different, you know, bad things going on with your water. Then kind of coming down here this is the system itself now this is where it gets a little bit more technical but hey you know we didn’t go into. Ok this the prefilter and it does blah blah blah, you know you’re going to lose peoples interest, so we want to say hey you know what if you want to read about it go ahead and click about each one these phases. Cause there’s 4 phases to the Home Water Plant and if you want to go reading about them it’ll go a little high level it’ll just say high level but then you click into some real technical information. So, that way anyone regardless if they’re just a regular homeowner maybe even a dealer that deals these types of products and are interested in buying a home water plant to provide for their customers. They can say hey what’s behind this thing is this just black magic or is this legitimate and those that are more technical minded and have already had a water filter, water softener, all this stuff. Kind of wants to say ok yeah, I’ve heard all of this before let’s dig into the details they can do that. But to the average person which is going to be most people that land here don’t want to read that right off the bat then going down if you haven’t clicked anymore if everything sounds good you know call to action right here. Call or email us today then phone number and then email address and then down below they can schedule a free phone consultation so hey I don’t have time I’m at work but I want to do this, you know most people browse and research at work unfortunately, but if they can just type in their information boom request call then they’ll get back to them call them up and have that conversation about whatever they need. So, it makes it nice and easy, so this isn’t just a website with a ton of information and a contact phone number listed ten pages deep and someone better really use a magnifying glass to go and find it. Its really very able, it allows the prospective customer to be able to get in contact with this company very easy they can take the next step.  They don’t have to uh how do I do  the next step you know do I have to go to my local water filter dealer or whatever company they don’t have to ask that its all right here all the information then we have some trust symbols down here and some other contact information down here. So, if we go back to the top, I want to look at the header here and you know again we designed to logo and brand here the header is very simplified. We have a navigation that has a couple other things that we decided wasn’t as important here, but people are going be having questions, so we have a FAQ page that going to be one of the more popular pages technical info that has all the technical documents on it. We have contact us today call us today at the top of every page there’s no question on how to take the next step. We also have a blog that’s brand new they also have printable materials which basically if you click this it basically prints off everything on the entire website so they can take it with them for the people who want to read this rather than browse the website. Now I don’t want to make this video to much longer I think you get the jest of most the things but I do want to walk through a couple other pages so lets go ahead and click the FAQ page and you can see down here we can go through all the different questions and we don’t show the answers we just show just the questions. So, people can kind of go you know what interested in this one this slides open you can come down they can kind of do that so nice usable lots of question. At the very bottom of every page this is what we would call the footer, call to action every page. So, we always like to think that websites browse in a linear fashion.  You know they go to home page, they go to about, they go how’s it work, they do this then they go to the contact page. But a lot of times the people do a search result and they land on the FAQ page. Cause it has the content they are looking for. They might come here and not have any idea what the home water plant is. But they might read through here look at this and all of a sudden its like hey what’s this schedule a free call. You know the call to actions there and all the information’s here. Little blip about what this business does what this product does. And then if they don’t see their question, they got contact information even though it was there you can never really be too redundant on the internet. Because you just never know where people’s eyes are at. There busy their kids there at work you know whatever just their distracted they’re not sitting here in the library just looking at this website. Hardly ever is that happening. So, you can’t be too redundant when it comes to info especially contact info. So well look at the technical info page and this is nice this is where someone really interested in researching this product can find out the phase 1 phase 2 you go through these different stages the phase 4, they have different various documents. On how does it treat silica for one. Which is very big in the town I’m in and you can read about all the scientific and chemistry behind everything’s that going on there  and then contact us very simple you got a form right here you a home owner plumber you got resources you can go look at those technical documents. You got FAQ right there. Do you want to be a dealer let us know you got some extra info right there? I don’t think I need to go through any of the other pages. I guess I can go through request a quote you know making it nice and easy people can request a quote. Fill it out very easy to use form provides all the info that home water plant needs and then the user which is the most important. Gets to add as much info as they can. have they heard about them trying to reach them? In that way their set up to have success when home water plant calls them visa versa. So that the home water plant website again we launched this about a month or two ago, so you can go to homewaterplant.com and you can check out the website for yourself.

Written by Shawn Hooghkirk on March 28, 2019

Last updated on May 04, 2020. Shawn is the President of Graticle, Inc.

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