What Web Design Services Do You Provide?

That’s a question we often hear and for good reason. There’s so much that’s involved with having a website nowadays, and many specialties it can be confusing.

The primary thing we do this help companies connect with their customers. We do this with web design and development.

We don’t churn out cookie-cutter templates and slap together websites. There are any number of DIY website builders and “brothers uncle’s cousins” out there doing it for peanuts.

The thing that drives us is helping our customers and their businesses. A website just so happens to be a way our way to do that.

For example, one of the first questions you’ll hear us ask is: “why do you want to website?” and “what is the goal for your website?” Because at the end of the day that’s all that matters. Sure, it’s great to have a website. But that’s not the point. The point is that this website converts your visitors into customers. Like a radio advertisement. It might boost up the self-esteem of the business owner when they (or their friends) hear their ad, but that’s not going to keep the doors open. The ad must bring in more money than the owner spent on it. This concept is at the forefront of any decisions and recommendations that we make. After all, Graticle is a business as well. We’ve been in business for 11 years and understanding how business and relationships work, has fueled ours and our customer’s success.

With that in mind, let’s go over our web design services.

First and foremost, the websites we design are sales tools. These websites look beautiful and are easy to use, but more importantly, they perform well in search engines and provide new sales opportunities. We use a multitude of strategies to make a website more engaging, interactive, and dynamic. It all goes back to the goal that is set in the beginning of the project. If your business wants your visitors to pick up the phone and call, we do everything we can tactically to encourage that to happen. If you’d rather they fill out a form or download a white paper, we work to accomplish that. We do not treat websites as online brochures. They are much more than that.

We primarily use a content management platform called WordPress. What this platform does, is allow our customers (and their staff) to manage their website content (text/images). If you’re familiar with WordPress, we also customize the backend to make it as easy as possible for our customers to manage their website. Lastly, we include training videos that show our customers exactly how to manage their own website.

Not only do we build websites that are content driven but also online e-commerce stores. Some of our customers have a small selection of products, while others have thousands of products. There are a lot of questions and logistics that go into building an online store, and we have the tools and tactics to make this an easy and seamless process. We make sure taxes are collected and calculated (if needed) and integrate into the major shipping providers for live, accurate quoting. We also work with numerous merchants to make sure your customers payments are secure.

After we launch a website, our work is not done. Not only do we take care of the domain name registration and renewal, we also provide the hosting, security, backups, and we can even take care of updates for you.

For customers that need help with their existing website, we’re there. We can add functionality and features and anything else we can dream up together. If someone’s unable to manage their own website, we can also move it to WordPress and customize it so that they are able to manage it themselves.

If a customer already has a great website, but they need a new host and company to manage it, we’re also available to help.

Our customers stay with us for life. This goes back to relationships. We’re not here to build your website and then go hunt for the next customer. We want to support your business into the future. It’s not about a one-off sale. We’ve seen competitors drop to the wayside over the past 11 years that were of that mindset.

If this sounds like a web design company you would like to work with, please call/text us today (360) 450-3711. You can also request a quote.

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