Why Website Conversion Rates Are So Important

You don’t want your company’s hard work going unnoticed! If someone visits your page and doesn’t click through or buy something, then there has been no return on investment for the time spent building that page. Not only does poor website conversion rate mean less money in the bank, it also means wasted potential.

In online marketing, conversion is a term that describes a visitor taking some type of action on a website or advertisement. It could be as simple as putting their email into a sign up form or as complex as buying an item from you. In order for them to do that they need to first see your website and then take action after viewing it. The goal of website design is to make website visitors take the desired action.

The process is easier said than done, but below are some tips for getting website conversion rates up!

1. Keep conversions at top-of-mind

The website that you design should be friendly towards conversions. What does that mean? Well, first off it shouldn’t be intimidating. People want websites they can easily navigate through without too much trouble so give them the appropriate links and buttons they need to browse your website easily. Have sign up forms available throughout your website, not just at one place where you expect people to go seek them out. Make it easy for website visitors to continue browsing your website and taking action.

2. Keep website design simple

Web design is about communication, the key message should be communicated in just a glance. Do not clutter your website with too many colors, texts, or images that detract from the website’s goals. Think of a website as a restaurant menu: you have to give website visitors what they want to see but at the same time keep them interested enough to stay on your website longer so they could potentially buy something from you. It’s much easier said than done but when in doubt think simple! Look at how others do it and take note, simplify their website design before going into more detail yourself later on trying to figure it all out. Remember website visitors are website viewers, not website readers. Most information website visitors need can be communicated via images and videos instead of words.

3. Convey trustworthiness through website design

Website design is often an extension of your company’s style. Make sure you keep it cohesive to avoid confusing website visitors even further after they’ve gone through the trouble to find your website in the first place! You want people’s first impression of your business to be a good one so make sure your website isn’t off-putting or uninviting just by looking at it. Again, this is paramount if someone should take the time to investigate more about your website and still wants nothing to do with you just because their initial view was unfavorable. Having a website that is inviting and professional will most definitely lead people to trust you more.

4. Website design must be responsive

More website visitors are turning to mobile devices for browsing the internet now-a-days; therefore website design that does not adapt to different screen sizes can turn away website visitors even before they make it down your page’s content . It’s like having a website with broken links: fix them and website visitors would appreciate it, don’t and they’ll leave your website without looking back.

5. Website design is about website visitors

‘Remember that website viewers are website visitors, not website readers. You want website visitors to take the initial action you were hoping they would just by looking at your website. Make sure it’s clear what website visitors should be doing once on your website and not get distracted with things that don’t pertain to their main objective in the first place! Don’t try to do too much in one page but instead make sure everything on your page supports one goal : getting website visitors to take the desired action you were aiming for when designing your website in the first place!

6. Experience

This is the website design golden rule. It doesn’t matter how pretty your website looks like if visitors don’t want to take action because they can easily find an alternative website to go to instead. If first impressions are key then you should put first things first by making it easy for website visitors to take the next step in becoming customers.

7. Website design that reflects well on your business

Your website’s goal is to reflect positively on your business, so make it worth looking at by being creative. Keep people interested no matter how long their stay may be with great content, site organization, and original presentation of website information. If website visitors feel positively about website design then it is only a matter of time before they decide to take that next step and become website customers. Use website design to present website information in different ways so people don’t get bored, but still remain educated on your product or service at all times without feeling overwhelmed by useless website design tricks that just distract website visitors from the overall goal.


It’s important to continue investing in your website and its conversion rate, because it can mean the difference between a successful business and one that is struggling. A high-converting site gets more customers than an average or low converting site does. If you need help getting started with improving your website conversions, call us at (360) 450-3711.

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