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Website Hosting

A website consists of many files (among other things), and these files need to be “hosted” on a server so that the world can view your website. The hosting of these files is what we call “hosting.”

There are many differences and options when it comes to hosting, but we offer Cloud Hosting to all of our clients.

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Cloud Hosting

At Graticle Design, we’re proud to offer our clients top-tier cloud hosting through the Google Cloud Platform. This leading-edge technology ensures that your website benefits from unparalleled uptime, speed, and security.

Google Cloud Platform is a trusted name in the industry, ensuring your data is secure, yet accessible when you need it. With its robust infrastructure, you can expect your website to perform optimally, handling high traffic volumes with ease while still maintaining swift load times.

Choose Graticle Design for your hosting needs, and experience the reliability, speed, and peace of mind that comes with Google Cloud Platform.

Shared Hosting

Alternatively, most low-cost hosting you see advertised on the internet is Shared Hosting.

What this means is that there is one server that holds hundreds (sometimes thousands) of websites. These websites also share the same software. If a website on that server has a problem, it can affect the other websites on that server. This is the downside, since your website can become slow if another website is consuming all of the resources on that server. The upside is that it’s extremely affordable.

As with anything you purchase, you get what you pay for.

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Graticle delivered where their competitors didn't. I have now used them for multiple companies on both the website development side and for SEO with exemplary results. I highly recommend!
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