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Are you looking for a new logo/brand? Maybe you already have a logo that you need touched up? Or maybe your existing brand no longer represents your business?

After all, a logo is often the very first impression that right your customer will have with your company. Is it a good one? Or, are you crossing your fingers that they don’t notice it and still pick up the phone or walk through your doors?

Our logo design services start with a conversation and a few questions.

We want to know about your business and fully understand it.

What’s your vision, who are your customers, and what does your brand represent? If your business already has a logo, why does your logo no longer represent your business?

Are there logos and brands that you like?

We always like to see examples of logos that our customers are impressed with. This helps establish a baseline. After all design is subjective and every customer’s needs (and industry/customers) are different.

Do you have any deadlines?

This is an important question as it helps establish a timeline and urgency. If you need a logo completed in the next month or three months?

Why now?

This is always a question I like to ask as it can bring up important details that may not come about naturally. Why is this important now versus last week or next week? What made you pick up the phone and take the next step now?

A brand is something personal. It’s unique and yet needs to be timeless.

A lot of requests come in where someone has in initial idea for their logo and what they want included. They want the logo to represent and include multiple different ideas and icons. If we were to take those ideas and literally put them together for the customer, the result would be a disaster. It would be complicated and unnecessarily busy. It would lose any bit of meaning and have no real impression on anyone.

Our job as professionals are to distill those ideas into something simple, memorable, and unique.

Creating a logo and brand can be difficult. If you haven’t created one before, go ahead and try. Designing logos is not for the fainthearted. Imagine having a toolbox that has every tool imaginable inside it. Now, imagine you have a problem. The problem is a flat tire on your vehicle. You can only pick one tool, what tool do you pick up? (our design skills are better than our analogies!)

Once a logo and brand has been created the job is not over.

There can be multiple versions of a logo to help fit different orientations (think of the square Facebook profile image). Also, there must be multiple versions and formats exported and delivered to the customer. This can include pixel-based formats (PNG, JPG, etc.) and vector-based formats (AI, EPS, SVG, etc.).

All our customers receive a brand package.

This includes your logo and all the various formats, color codes, font names, and file formats you’ll ever need in the future. We provide this in a zip package. That way everything is organized nicely in the future for the customer. When the customer needs to print T-shirts in the screen printer asks for a vector version of the logo, they simply send the .zip file to the printer and that’s it. They don’t have to fumble around looking for that specific file type or even know what the printer is talking about. They simply forward the .zip file to the printer and the job is done.

Everything we do goes back to making our customers lives better and easier.

Whether that’s designing a fresh new logo that they are proud of or returning their phone call or email the same day. We want our customers to be happy. That’s what we expect from places we do business with. Treating others how we would like to be treated.

If that sounds like a logo design company you would like to work with, please give us a call (360) 450-3711.

We are local in the Longview/Kelso, Washington area. If you’re not in the area, don’t worry. Most of our customers are located across the United States. We excel at working remotely.

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