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Photo of a phone displaying a logo for Cowlitz Economic Development Council

By now, you know that we design and develop websites.

But, did you also know, that we design logos and brands?

I like to say that we have a passion for design. Whether that design will be viewed on computer monitor, business card, or a billboard. We love being able to take the image of a business or concept and translate that into something that best represents that business or concept.

What I’d like to do, is explain our logo design process from start to finish. That way you have a better understanding of our process and thoroughness involved in our logo and branding projects. Please note, the below will be in abbreviated example of that process. There are many other moving pieces in details, but the below should give you a good high-level example of how we work.

Let’s get into it!

Getting Started

One business reaches out to us, they are either looking to redesign their existing logo or create a new one.

Photo of a phone showing various concepts of a logo for a construction company called Mountain Remodel & Repair


The first question we’re going to ask is, is there a deadline? Often, there is an unspoken deadline and it’s very important that we figure this out now. Expectations need to be on the table. At Graticle, we are big on communication, and with this question this begins that process.

Photo of a logo on a sweatshirt for a hunting lodge in Alaska called Lake Creek Lodge

The Business

Now, before we ever talk about the new logo itself, we need to step back and discuss the business itself. We need to completely understand the business before we ever start to think about any concepts. For example, what makes this business different and/or unique? Why is this business important to the marketplace? Where is the business located? How many years have they been in business? How employees do they have? What products and services do they sell? What about the challenges that they face?

Logo for a tool company called Cascade Tools


If the customer is rebranding, we have specific questions for that as well. We want to know why they are rebranding and how their brand currently works well and not so well.

Photo of packaging tape with Graticle's logo on it


We also need to understand the business’ customers (demographics, etc.). Who are the customers? It’s very important that we get as much background information on the business and customers in order to provide the best and solution. After all, the logo and brand must resonate with customers. Otherwise, we’re throwing darts.

Photo of a sticker with the logo for Crosscut Taproom a taproom


Once we understand the business and its customers, we like to look at the direct competition. Not so that we can copy or emulate what the competition is doing, but to better understand the market and landscape.

Logo Design

Then, we will start discussing the logo itself.

Photo of a phone showing the logo for a crane training and consulting company called American Crane Training & Consulting


We also like to see examples of logos that the business likes. These logos can be inside the industry or outside. Often, businesses have a preconceived idea for their logo and brand in this is a good time to talk about that. Again, we are not looking at these examples and copying them, we are only building our repertoire which helps us make decisions throughout the logo and branding project.

Photo of a logo for an electrician company called Pine Beach Electric LLC


The next item to discuss, are colors. Are there any colors we need to stay away from? The last thing we want to do, is provide a logo that’s completely off base. We want to hit the ground running when we deliver the first concept. On average, there is a color or two that is off-limits. But most of the time the canvas is wide open. The customer allows us full creative license to come up with what we think will work best. Our customers realize that the first draft doesn’t have to be the final logo. We want to get as close as we can, but there are going to be revisions, and we explain that.

Photo of a logo for a construction company called Castle Industries LLC

Off to the Races

After we understand everything above, we’re off to the races.

We go to the drawing board and start compiling our thoughts, reviewing our notes and begin market research. This is where the real work starts. Often, we have tons of ideas and concepts already in the back of our minds. This is a time when we put all of that on paper.

Photo of various logo concepts for a sewing company called nelleco.com

As any logo designer will tell you, the most challenging part about creating a logo and brand is keeping things simple and concise. There are so many things that a business wants to do with their logo. They want to represent and communicate many things. But in the end, the logo needs to be simple. This is a unique ability to be able to take so many moving pieces and variables and turn that into one image.

Photo of various logo concepts for a Sprinkler company called Sunny Sprinkler Service

After some time, we present the design brief to the customer. This could include one concept or a few different concepts depending on the project. We explain our thoughts behind our ideas and why we think what we’ve created will work well. We brainstorm with the customer on their thoughts and concerns. After this session, will head back to the drawing board to revise what we’ve already created or further polish a specific concept. We will then present this to the customer again and go through the same process. Once the customer is happy with what we have created, it’s time to put a bow on it.

Photo of a logo for a bicycle race called Tour De Blast

Branding Package & Identity

We put together a branding package which includes the logo and brand in its various forms, fonts, styling, colors, and logo requirements. We also compile a package of all the various logo formats that will be needed in the future for the customer, whether they are using it for prints or digital (pixel based and vector-based formats).

Photo of a logo design for Longview Parks & Recreation

After this logo design and branding package is created, the customer will now have everything they need in relation to their brand and logo in one place. When they need T-shirts, and their screen printer asks for their logo, they will send this package to the printer. At that point the printer can view the requirements of the logo and brand, and then select the best logo format that they prefer.

That should give you a good idea of what it’s like to work with us in designing or redesigning your logo and brand. Again, the process above is simplified so that you have a good general idea of our process.

Questions & Hiring Us

If you have questions or would like to have us work on your logo and brand, please call or text us at (360) 450-3711.

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