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May 08, 2020    Reading Time: 3 Minutes

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When it comes to shoe store web design, image is everything. Really, image matters with every website. It’s the first-place visitors had an impression of your company. The question is it a good impression, or one that questions the integrity of your business itself?

There might’ve been a time years ago when design didn’t matter as much online. Technology wasn’t where it is today, and expectations were low. A lot is changed. Most people’s interactions online or with major companies. Think Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. These are major players that have thousands of employees dedicating themselves to making their product and website the best they can. This is the new bar. If were all used to browsing on these platforms, it becomes an expectation that everyone’s website should look this nice and work this well.

Now just imagine your visitor has just come from Pinterest and clicked to your website. Does it measure up? Or does it look like they just stepped back in time? You must keep this in mind if you want to stand a chance online.

Now, let’s look at a website that we designed and developed years ago for a sneaker consignment store in Portland, Oregon called IndexPDX. When the owners first contacted us, they had a successful business running on eBay. They had just secured their brick-and-mortar location in Portland and wanted a web presence for a variety of reasons. The first reason was to obviously sell sneakers online no matter where someone is in the world. The second reason was to have their entire catalog on an iPad that customers could use while shopping. That way if a customer wants something unique that they didn’t see in the store, they can browse their entire catalog right there versus going somewhere else.

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Since we’ve covered the basics of why the website was going to be created, let’s take a look at some design decisions we made throughout the project.

navigation website

The ability for customers to find what they’re looking for was of utmost importance. After all, people will come to the site not only looking for the shoes but to purchase them. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll go somewhere else.

ecommerce website

In the main navigation, you’ll see drop downs for sizes and brands that are intuitive.

free shipping store web design

At the top of the screen, you’ll see a notification letting all visitors understand that every thing the order on the store will come with free shipping in the continental United States and is tax-free.

shoe store online web designer

On the front page, you’ll see all the featured products. Generally, these are the shoes that are going to be the most popular with their customers for one reason or another.

shoe products design

If you’re looking for Air Jordan’s, there’s a page dedicated to each collection.

website shopping page

On the category page, there are a variety of filters for the visitor to better fine-tune their search.

product page design

When clicking on a product, the pages straightforward and clean just like the rest of the website. We don’t want to inundate the visitor with a bunch of information that they don’t care about. We also want to keep the design fresh.

ecommerce web design store

One thing you’ll notice, is that the imagery is excellent. The photographer the takes photos of all the shoes does a great job which makes our job a lot easier.

checkout design website

During checkout, the visitor has an option to check out normally or also with PayPal. A lot of their customers prefer PayPal and so this option was necessary.

When customers create an account, they’ll have the ability to track their order and look at order notes. They’ll also be able to see all their previous orders in one place. Everything you’d expect from an e-commerce store.

For IndexPDX, we integrated into their merchant and into UPS’ system for live shipping quotes (outside the continental US). That way orders are priced accurately and turn out as expected for everyone.

eCommerce Web Design

Whether you have an existing e-commerce website or would like a brand-new website, we love to help you. We work with both small and large companies and have the systems and processes in place to ensure a smooth and enjoyable project for everyone.

Let us help you.

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Last updated on May 08, 2020. Shawn is the President of Graticle, Inc.

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The Friends of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge are so thankful to Graticle Design for their amazing work! They re-vamped and updated our website in the time promised, and made it so user-friendly! It is so easy now to go in and edit, change and move things around compared to before. The user options are exponentially better than before, with easy add and use boxes, places to enter information while editing that will show up in multiple places throughout the website; and, my favorite part, easily editable and accessible buttons that can be added to every new webpage module. This makes linking people to important information, other pages on the website, other websites, and to our own uploaded content a breeze!

Shawn and his team made our site more mobile friendly (more as in, now it is mobile friendly!) and the video tutorials that were created to walk us through adding content to our new website are so clear and easy to follow, we had our new website filled with content and up and running in just a week, once the Graticle team finished creating it.

We would highly recommend Graticle for your website needs! Affordable and unbeatable quality and support.

Friends of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

Ridgefield, Washington

They provided excellent, tailored service …exactly what we were looking for!

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