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Epic Popcorn Website Redesign

When Epic Gourmet Popcorn, a gourmet popcorn brand based in Schererville, Indiana, decided it was time to reinvigorate their online presence, we knew it was a project that demanded creativity and a keen eye for detail. The existing Shopify site failed to capture the essence of Epic Popcorn’s passionate commitment to creating a “memorable popcorn experience.” Founded in 2017 and known for their handcrafted popcorn varieties using non-GMO kernels, the brand deserved a digital storefront as robust and flavor-packed as their popcorn.

Our redesign focused on encapsulating the full Epic Popcorn experience—from their meticulous handcrafting process to the gourmet flavors that “satisfy all palates.” More than just an e-commerce site, the new Shopify platform functions as a comprehensive brand showcase. It features not only their extensive product line but also elaborates on services like catering, corporate gifts, wedding bars, and party favors. Each section is designed to mirror the brand’s ethos of “over-stuffing” value into every customer interaction.

To create an interactive element, we incorporated an opt-in for customers to join the Epic Popcorn Club, capitalizing on customer loyalty and creating a sense of community around the brand. Additionally, we made sure to highlight real customer reviews and included a vibrant photo gallery, providing social proof and adding a layer of trust and authenticity to the site. Now, whether someone is looking for gourmet chocolate-coated popcorn, flavored cheese popcorn, or seeking customized solutions for an event, they’re met with a website that’s as epic as the popcorn it represents.

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