Christensen’s Furniture Repair

Christensen’s Furniture Repair

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Graticle Design proudly presents the custom WordPress website created for Christensen’s Furniture Repair, a venerable Portland, Oregon establishment dedicated to the art of wood refinishing and repair. With over three decades of experience, Christensen’s Furniture Refinishing & Repair, founded by the expert craftsman Kurt Christensen, promises to breathe new life into wooden furniture and fixtures with meticulous care. The website we developed showcases their comprehensive services and highlights the passion they pour into every project — whether it’s restoring a single chair or an entire suite of restaurant tables. Designed to reflect the quality and integrity of their work, the website features a gallery of their remarkable transformations. It also emphasizes their esteemed reputation, evidenced by their role in restoring historical pieces for the City of Portland. The website serves as both a portfolio of Christensen’s distinguished work and a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Graticle Design has ensured that the essence of their brand — a blend of traditional skill and personalized service — is communicated clearly.

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