Take a Hike Sticker Design

Take a Hike Sticker Design

Lettering / Sticker Design

Graticle Design brings the spirit of adventure to life with this custom-designed, hand-lettered sticker that urges the wanderlust in everyone to “Take a Hike.” The playful yet commanding phrase is sketched in a rustic, freehand style, suggesting a personal invitation to explore the great outdoors. Above the lettering, a stylized range of mountains is depicted with rising sunbeams, symbolizing the exhilaration of reaching new heights and the new dawns that each adventure brings. The choice of a crisp, forest green background not only echoes the hues of nature but also stands out as a vibrant call to action for nature enthusiasts. This sticker is more than just a piece of art—it’s a emblematic badge for hikers, trekkers, and all who resonate with the call of the wild. Each element, from the typography to the illustration, has been thoughtfully handcrafted by Graticle Design to capture the essence of the outdoors, encouraging onlookers to step away from the ordinary and discover the paths less traveled.

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Graticle delivered where their competitors didn't. I have now used them for multiple companies on both the website development side and for SEO with exemplary results. I highly recommend!
Joshua D.
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