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Altman Browning

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When Altman Browning, a Portland-based mechanical engineering firm, came to us, they were armed with over two decades of expertise in industrial machine design and a passion for “bridging the gap.” Their mission was clear but needed a stronger digital platform to amplify it. Enter WordPress, our platform of choice to ensure that Altman Browning’s team could easily manage their site themselves without compromising on design or functionality.

We constructed a sleek, user-friendly website that complements their industrial aesthetic and mission-driven narrative. Our design not only showcases their extensive experience in everything from power train system design to hydraulic system engineering but also emphasizes their unique position in the Portland, Oregon community, a city affectionately known as “Bridgetown.” The backend of the site is engineered so that the staff at Altman Browning can update the content themselves, just as they might update the design specifications for a piece of industrial equipment. This gives them the freedom to bridge the old with the new, not just in their engineering projects, but in their digital presence as well.

Our partnership with Altman Browning reflects the strength and adaptability inherent in both our design work and their engineering projects. The end result is a website that stands as a testament to their expertise and commitment to pushing both industry and community forward.

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