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We had the pleasure of designing and developing a cutting-edge website for Coral Vue Hydros, a leader in aquarium controllers based in Slidell, Louisiana. Their products are all about making aquarium management easier and smarter, so we aimed to reflect that level of innovation in the website’s design. To capture the company’s vibrant products and technology, we opted for a contrasting color scheme with dark backgrounds that make their products pop on screen.

We went the extra mile to create a rich user experience, focusing on intuitive navigation and detailed product showcases. But what really sets this website apart is the “Where to Buy” feature. Knowing that Coral Vue Hydros’ customers come from different locations, we built an interactive map where users can input their city and other parameters. This allows them to find the nearest stores that sell Coral Vue Hydros products, making the buying journey as seamless as possible.

Throughout the website, calls to action and forms are strategically placed to guide the user to take the next step, whether it’s learning more about a product, subscribe to their newsletter, or making a purchase. The end result is a website that not only looks good but also serves as a comprehensive resource for aquarium enthusiasts and Coral Vue Hydros customers alike.

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