Longview Public Library Logo Design

Longview Public Library Logo Design

At Graticle Design, we had the privilege of recreating the logo and brand for the Longview Public Library, a cornerstone institution in our local community of Longview, Washington. The redesign project was rooted in the library’s mission to be a welcoming destination that fosters a love for reading, discovery, and community engagement.

The new brand logo we designed encapsulates the essence of the Longview Public Library, celebrating its rich history while also reflecting its future-forward approach. We aimed to create a visual identity that would resonate with the diverse community it serves, embodying the library’s commitment to providing free and equal access to information and spaces.

The logo design portrays their comprehensive collections, both physical and digital, that entertain and inspire new connections, ideas, and resources. As a symbol of literacy and lifelong learning, the new logo positions the library as a key partner in community efforts to improve educational outcomes.

This project has been a testament to our capability at Graticle Design to understand and translate an organization’s values and mission into a powerful visual identity. We are proud to have contributed to the Longview Public Library’s journey towards embracing the future, while still honoring its past.


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