Architectural Tile & Stone

A Testament to Elegance and Craftsmanship

In Austin, Texas, Graticle Design proudly collaborated with Architectural Tile & Stone, crafting an online presence that embodies their essence of quality and expertise. Built on WordPress, the website serves as more than just a virtual showroom. It’s an experience that showcases the brand’s legacy and the intricate beauty of their products. With Graticle Design’s ongoing management, updates, hosting, and security, the website stands as a beacon of architectural brilliance online.

Architectural Tile & Stone is not just a tile and stone retailer. They are a boutique importer, fabricator, and installer of stone slabs, and a sought-after distributor of unique ceramic and natural stone tiles. For over two decades, they’ve been Austin’s go-to source for one-of-a-kind marble, quartzite, granite, and more. Their specialization extends to exclusive ceramic and natural stone tile distribution, with a product range so unique, it’s near-impossible to find elsewhere. They’re not just selling tiles and stones; they’re sharing a passion, a legacy of craftsmanship that has earned them accreditation from the Natural Stone Institute.

Their offering extends to the majestic slabs of natural stones which are carefully selected, fabricated in-house, and installed to perfection. By collaborating directly with processors in Italy, Architectural Tile & Stone guarantees the authenticity and quality of every slab, promising impeccable results each time. Each stone tells a story, with designs that blend the allure of ancient craftsmanship with contemporary style.

But the experience doesn’t stop with stone slabs. Their tile collection is a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality, offering everything from textured porcelain to gold-etched leaf on marble. These are not mere tiles; they’re statements, expressions of artistry and design that transform spaces.

In the ever-evolving world of interior design and architecture, Architectural Tile & Stone, with the web design support of Graticle Design, stands tall as a testament to timelessness, elegance, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

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