California Sticker Design

California Sticker Design

Lettering / Print Design

Graticle Design’s creative prowess was put to the test with a vibrant entry for Sticker Mule’s summer playoff on Dribbble. We devised a striking sticker design that encapsulates the essence of California’s sun-kissed allure. With a playful typography that contours to the iconic shape of the Golden State, set against a backdrop of subtle palm silhouettes, the design exudes the laid-back yet dynamic vibe of a Californian summer. The color palette, with its cool blues and fresh greens, mirrors the diverse landscape, from the Pacific waves to the verdant hills. This design was not just a submission, but a testament to our ability to capture the spirit of a theme and embody it in a small yet impactful medium like a sticker, ready to spread the summer zest far and wide.

And… We won!


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