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When FireKing International, LLC, a company with a seven-decade legacy in loss prevention, approached Graticle Design, it was clear that this wouldn’t be an ordinary project. Founded in 1951 and originally focused on fire-rated document storage, FireKing has since expanded its product offerings to include a range of industry-leading protective solutions. From homes and offices to retail and commercial settings, their products are synonymous with unmatched quality and safety.

Built on WordPress for ease of management by FireKing’s staff, the website we designed had to mirror the company’s ethos of providing top-tier protection. The key focus was the online store functionality. FireKing’s diverse portfolio, from file cabinets to safes, comes with a myriad of customization options such as size, color, fire rating, and accessories. To accommodate this complexity while ensuring user-friendliness, we engineered product pages that are not only detailed but also intuitive for customers to navigate.

The checkout process was another area that required special attention. Far from a standard WooCommerce operation, the system we implemented streamlines the user journey by minimizing steps and friction. We also incorporated an intelligent shipping calculation system, taking into account various factors to offer the most efficient delivery options. This aligns perfectly with FireKing’s commitment to convenience, robust warranties, and best-in-class service for the life of their products.

Another standout feature of FireKing’s new website is the interactive Quiz designed to guide customers toward products that best meet their individual needs. Recognizing that protection and security are highly personal matters, the Quiz asks a series of targeted questions ranging from intended use to specific preferences in features. Upon completion, the system instantly generates a curated list of FireKing products that align with the customer’s responses. This not only simplifies the decision-making process but also enhances the user experience by offering personalized recommendations. It’s a smart approach that combines FireKing’s expertise in protection with a keen understanding of customer convenience and satisfaction.

By harmonizing sophisticated functionality with user-centric design, we’ve delivered a website that stands as an online extension of FireKing’s commitment to “protecting whatever matters most.” Whether it’s priceless family belongings, critical business documents, or anything in between, this new platform enhances FireKing’s ability to offer top-of-the-line protection to customers worldwide.

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