Folsom Prison

Folsom Prison

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FOLSOM PRISON font is not merely a collection of characters; it’s a testament to the rugged individualism and enduring spirit of the hardworking souls it seeks to represent. Each stroke of this hand-drawn, handwritten typeface is imbued with the grit and determination of a solitary inmate, crafting a narrative of labor and the unyielding human spirit with every letter and symbol. It boasts an array of uppercase characters, numerals, and a selection of symbols, giving you the tools to express stories of resilience and fortitude.

Perfect for projects that call for a touch of raw, authentic charm, FOLSOM PRISON is more than just a font—it’s a slice of life from the bygone era of chain gangs and the blues, a visual embodiment of the tales immortalized by the likes of Johnny Cash. Available for purchase on Creative Market for $16.00, it not only adds character to your creative works but also supports the continued craftsmanship of Graticle Design.

We invite you to embrace the boldness of FOLSOM PRISON in your next project, and let the echo of its creation lend a voice to your designs. Thank you for considering this steadfast font, a tribute to the enduring tale of the American spirit.

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