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IndexPDX, known on eBay as Broke on Jordans, has been a prominent name in the shoe-selling business since 2006. With an already established following on eBay, they took a significant step forward, deciding to open a retail store in downtown Portland, Oregon. Alongside the physical store, they envisioned launching an eCommerce website.

Their goal was to provide customers with a comprehensive view of their entire shoe inventory online, with options to purchase both in-store and online. They sought a modern design that would represent their brand while incorporating full-fledged e-commerce functionality.

The final product was a meticulously crafted website that not only captured the modern aesthetic IndexPDX was aiming for but also delivered a seamless online shopping experience. The site allows customers to browse and buy their choice of footwear, whether they prefer to shop in the physical store or from the comfort of their home, epitomizing the fusion of traditional retail and digital convenience.

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