Kitchens To Go

Kitchens To Go

Magazine Advertisement Design

Kitchens To Go, a leader in mobile and modular kitchen solutions, needed a half-page advertisement that would stand out in the FCSI Project Showcase publication. Graticle Design was selected for the job, embracing the challenge to create a design that was both eye-catching and reflective of the brand’s identity.

Understanding the Client:

Our first step was to understand Kitchens To Go’s services, target audience, and what they wanted to convey through the advertisement. This allowed us to align our creative process with their brand’s core values and message.

Design Process:

  1. Research and Conceptualization: We delved into industry trends and the specific audience of the FCSI Project Showcase, drafting initial concepts that would appeal to readers while staying true to Kitchens To Go’s brand.
  2. Collaborative Iteration: Working closely with the client, we refined the concepts, ensuring that the design would resonate with both the Kitchens To Go team and the publication’s audience.
  3. Final Design and Execution: Our final design was a harmonious blend of aesthetics, brand messaging, and functionality. It was visually appealing, aligned with Kitchens To Go’s services, and crafted to drive engagement.

Features of the Advertisement:

  • Visual Appeal: Utilizing bold imagery and colors, we created a design that would immediately draw the reader’s attention.
  • Clear Messaging: We carefully balanced visuals with text, ensuring that the advertisement communicated Kitchens To Go’s offerings concisely and effectively.
  • Brand Alignment: The design maintained consistency with Kitchens To Go’s brand, providing a cohesive and professional look.


Our collaboration with Kitchens To Go on this half-page advertisement for the FCSI Project Showcase was more than a design task; it was a partnership to create a piece of communication that would resonate with a specialized audience. We at Graticle Design take pride in our ability to understand our clients’ needs and translate them into visual forms that connect and inspire.

The success of this project was a testament to our commitment to creativity, quality, and collaboration, values that we strive to uphold with every client we serve.

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