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Real Estate Listing Presentation Design

After the success of the Home Buying Guide we designed for Laurel Properties, we were thrilled to collaborate with them again on a Listing Presentation. The goal for this project was to capture the essence of what makes Laurel Properties a leader in the real estate industry, specifically in the context of listing a home. Just like with the Home Buying Guide, the design needed to be sleek, modern, and filled with contrast to command attention and reinforce the company’s strong branding.

The Listing Presentation we crafted serves as a comprehensive portfolio for potential clients who are considering listing their homes with Laurel Properties. We incorporated a range of elements, from testimonials and sales stats to an in-depth look at marketing strategies like pay-per-click ads on Facebook and Instagram, premium exposure on Zillow and Trulia, and unique selling points that set Laurel Properties apart in a competitive market.

One of the standout features of this presentation is its educational approach. Potential clients aren’t just told about the services; they’re educated on the efficacy of different marketing options, the home sale timeline, and how Laurel Properties can make their home stand out. This project, like the Home Buying Guide, became another channel through which Laurel Properties could extend its commitment to client education and exceptional service.

The final touch was a compelling call to action, designed to convert interested parties into loyal clients. As with all our projects, we aimed to make this presentation not just visually appealing but also a powerful tool in Laurel Properties’ sales arsenal.

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