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The Ottinger Law website redesign, expertly crafted by Graticle Design, represents a pinnacle of WordPress web design. We embarked on a comprehensive overhaul, targeting the homepage and several key pages, to encapsulate the firm’s ethos of advocacy and excellence. Our design team worked meticulously to create an online presence that resonates with the sophistication and professionalism of Ottinger Law, a distinguished employment law firm serving clients in San Francisco, CA, and New York, NY. The seamless interface, coupled with the strategic placement of content, enhances user experience and accessibility. This reinvention not only improved the brand’s online stature but also streamlines the user journey, allowing potential clients to effortlessly navigate and engage with the firm’s extensive expertise in employment law. Graticle’s commitment to merging aesthetics with functionality shines through in this tailored WordPress solution, underpinning Ottinger Law’s commitment to representing employees and executives with unparalleled fervor and precision.

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