New Hope Outreach Ministries Sponsor a Widow Sri Lanka

New Hope Outreach Ministries Sponsor a Widow Sri Lanka

Non-Profit Flyer Design

Graticle Design was honored to work with New Hope Outreach Ministries International on a flyer that aimed to shed light on the often-overlooked issue of widows struggling to survive in post-civil war Sri Lanka. Given the cultural and societal biases these women face, the mission of New Hope is to empower them through skill development and trade training. The flyer we designed focused on storytelling and a compelling narrative, walking potential donors through the stark realities these widows live with. The aim was to break down complex issues into understandable pieces, such as the trades these women could engage in like raising livestock or sewing.

Visuals and text worked in harmony to underline the transformative impact of the widow’s training center in Sri Lanka. Not just a place for skill development, the center is a beacon of hope for marginalized women, providing them a pathway to regain dignity and self-sufficiency. Utilizing a color palette that evokes a sense of urgency yet hope, along with carefully chosen images and typography, the flyer serves as both an informational tool and a call to action. It’s more than just a piece of paper; it’s a bridge connecting compassionate hearts with those in desperate need of a fresh start.

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