ASCE – Fresno Branch

ASCE – Fresno Branch

Plaque Award Graphic Design

Graticle Design took great pride in collaborating with the ASCE Fresno Branch to create a dignified and prestigious plaque for their “Project of the Year” awards. Reflecting the honor of the accolade, we designed a plaque that exudes both timelessness and esteem, apt for recognizing the pinnacle of civil engineering achievements. The plaque’s design, with its classic golden accents on a rich, black background, framed by the enduring solidity of a brick wall, captures the essence of the civil engineering field—a blend of innovation and foundational strength. Each element, from the carefully chosen fonts to the ASCE Fresno seal, was meticulously curated to honor the recipient’s outstanding contribution to the public sector. The finished piece is not just an award; it’s a lasting tribute to excellence in a profession that shapes the world we live in, resonating with the high standards of the civil engineering community and the prestigious recognition it represents.

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