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Website Design

The website created for The Nest in Kelso, Washington, is an embodiment of the warm, light, and inviting experience that the business offers to its diverse clientele. Built on the robust WordPress platform, the site’s design is characterized by an abundance of whitespace, creating an uncluttered and fresh feel that resonates with the business’s focus on connection, creativity, and healing.

As you navigate through the site, the user-friendly interface guides you through their various offerings, from art and craft forms to reflexology and spa services. The design’s friendly and bright aesthetics draw the visitor’s eye to key areas like their boutique shop, play activities, and relaxation services, reflecting The Nest’s ethos of wholehearted, simple living.

The website not only serves as a virtual gateway to The Nest but is also a symbol of their mission and values. Managing and hosting the website, we ensured that the design is seamless and intuitive, aligning with the business’s commitment to provide a safe and restorative space for all. The light and open design inspire curiosity and provide easy access to essential information, mirroring the real-life experience of stepping into The Nest’s beautifully renovated 1930s historic home, where creativity, connection, and relaxation thrive.

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