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For the burgeoning wellness landscape in Portland, Oregon, Wellx aimed to provide an innovative service to local businesses, ensuring they could list themselves effectively and gain visibility. To promote this venture, they reached out to us, Graticle Design, based on our longstanding history of collaboration on numerous print and graphic design projects. Their objective was clear: a distinct postcard, one that local businesses would immediately recognize and engage with.

We focused on making the design intuitive and reflective of Portland’s spirit. The Portland skyline serves as a subtle nod to the locale, grounding the postcard in the city’s vibrant backdrop. Furthermore, the distinction between the Free and Premium plans offered by Wellx is presented lucidly, ensuring businesses can effortlessly discern their benefits. The design places emphasis on hierarchy, ensuring the content flows smoothly and captures the reader’s attention. To round off our services, we managed the printing logistics, delivering the finished postcards straight to Wellx, ready for distribution.

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