Yamabe & Horn Engineering, Inc.

Yamabe & Horn Engineering, Inc.

Postcard Design

To celebrate a momentous 35 years of engineering excellence, Yamabe & Horn Engineering Inc. of Fresno, California, teamed up with Graticle Design to craft a memorable and distinctive anniversary invitation postcard. Capturing both the rich history and forward-facing vision of the firm, the design seamlessly blends tradition with innovation.

The front of the card showcases a bold, ribbon-shaped insignia highlighting the number “35” representing the firm’s years of service. The rich navy backdrop contrasts brilliantly with the clean, white typography, giving the card a touch of sophistication. Flipping to the back, attendees are greeted with details of an open house celebration, sprinkled with a subtle nod to the firm’s legacy and pride in not having abandoned traditional engineering tools like pencil drafting and ammonia blueprints. The textured background invokes the feel of hand-drawn plans, a gentle homage to the engineering world. Through this invitation, Graticle Design has encapsulated Yamabe & Horn’s unwavering commitment to their craft and the deep roots they’ve established over three and a half decades.

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