Squirrel Fest

Squirrel Fest

Event Logo Design

When tasked with designing the logo for Squirrel Fest, an annual event celebrated in Longview, Washington, we knew that the logo had to be as lively and distinctive as the event itself. With over 3,500 guests attending every year and a wide array of activities, it was vital that the logo encapsulated the fun, vibrant spirit of the festival, and paid tribute to Longview’s well-known squirrel bridges near the Civic Center.

We worked closely with the event organizers to understand the essence of Squirrel Fest. Through a blend of playful creativity and professional design principles, we were able to craft a logo that not only resonates with the theme but also provides a memorable visual identity for the event. Using an engaging color palette and a fun squirrel motif, the logo reflects the unique charm of the celebration and sets a cheerful tone that aligns perfectly with the festivities on offer at Longview Civic Center Park. The final product is a representation of both the joy of Squirrel Fest and the community it unites.

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