Freedom Flags

Freedom Flags

Logo Design

Graticle Design crafted a logo for the Freedom Flags project that encapsulates patriotic pride and the spirit of community service championed by the Rotary Club of Longview, Washington. The design features an abstract American flag, with its stars and stripes rendered in a modern yet timeless style, signaling both respect for tradition and a forward-looking vision. The choice of colors remains true to the iconic red, blue, and white, ensuring instant recognition and connection to national values. Beneath the emblem, the words “Freedom Flags” are prominently displayed, coupled with the Rotary Club’s endorsement, affirming the project’s local roots and communal impact. This logo not only symbolizes the Rotary Club’s commitment to displaying patriotism but also highlights their dedication to local and international charitable endeavors—from funding literacy and education to fighting polio and enhancing global health. Graticle’s design is a visual commitment to making a difference, locally and globally, through the symbol of freedom that unites us all.

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