Run the Path 2018

Run the Path 2018

Logo Design

When the team behind the annual “Run the Path” walk/run in Longview, Washington, approached Graticle Design, they wanted more than just a shirt – they wanted a symbol. A symbol that captured the essence of the event, the commitment to promoting mental health, and the vibrant community spirit of Longview.

The resulting design is a dynamic interplay of bold graphics and meaningful details. The sharp lines echoing a runner’s journey, combined with the energizing neon green, immediately grabs attention. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Incorporated within the design is the event’s poignant tagline, “To Great Mental Health and Wellness”, serving as a heartfelt reminder of the event’s deeper purpose.

Every time someone wears this shirt, they’re not just showing off a cool design – they’re championing a cause, and Graticle Design is proud to have played a part in that.

We also designed the logo for the 2017 race and you can view it here.

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